M3GAN ★★★½

She's a small wonder, lovely and bright with soft curls.
She's a small wonder, a child unlike other girls.
She's a miracle, and I grant you
She'll enchant you at first sight.
She's a small wonder, and she'll make your heart take flight.

I’m convinced every influencer resembles M3GAN in her looks and in those lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a doll's eye. Can’t say Quint didn’t warn us.

I had fun with this and the lack of gore and not hearing constant “fucks” was slightly refreshing. I would have waited and released this later in the year for maximum dress-up-like-M3GAN-for-Halloween though. 

Is it better than Child’s Play? Maybe not. Is it better than Child’s Play 3? Well, M3GAN would give a know-it-all answer because the Jennifer Carpenter lookalike thought it’d be swell if a life-like robot doll was adaptable in all matters of life and could expand their knowledge like goddamn Doogie Hauser. The answer is yes btw.

She's fantastic, made of plastic.
Microchips here and there.
She's a small wonder, brings love and laughter everywhere.

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