The Batman

The Batman ★★★

I honestly think I'm just not a Batman person. Parts of this were so freaking incredible and creative. Parts that really did make me understand the love. It just was a little long for me, I wouldn't have even minded if they cut out the third hour entirely. And I think there's just aspects of that universe I struggle to take seriously which then rips me out of the stuff I did take seriously. Zoe Kravitz is a miracle sent from heavens and she was why I liked what I did about this movie. Like she's just magnetic and her version of cat woman is awesome. I'm obsessed with all of her scenes. Also Rob got me to like the character Batman which is really saying something, he's extrodinary in everything so... Their chemistry was also off the chartsSS. Listen, for me It's just a little heavey handed in their message especially at the end. Weirdly when it decided to go over the top it became less scary and less poignant, like they didn't trust us to get the point they had already made. Also the dialogue felt off, the catchphrases took me out every time- it's like the lines were from a different movie at times- just not on the same level as the rest of the movie. The film making stuff is pretty stunning, the cinematography gorgeous, it's creative and the music is great. Acting is fantastic. Look... I'll just admit im just a stupid pea brain amusement park movie marvel person who shouldn't be trusted talking about DC.

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