Halloween ★★★★★

Darkest night. Bloody memories. Ever haunting Meyer's brain. Alone in torment he suffers. No one cares. No one want's to care.

It's a rather nice day here during halloween. But when night falls prepare to hear the screams. you see, Micheal is coming home. Not to be alone, but to play. And many of the contenders will not survive his game. Most will die. Leaving only one to plead for life.

She's a young girl, about age seventeen. Tonight she'll be babysitting. Soon he will come for her. Her blood shall be his. But unknown to Meyers, Dr. Loomis is on his tail to stop him. From committing his crimes on this dark, dark night, that is.

But soon the doctor and the young girl shall see, that you can't kill Micheal Meyers. Cause, just like the night... He lives eternally.

No one is safe!

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