Beanie Mania

Beanie Mania

After searching earnestly for the Beanie Rap online, I made the unfortunate discovery that the lyrics don’t appear written in any corner of the internet. So I spent 30 minutes pausing and rewinding and squinting at the screen to transcribe this, you’re welcome, kill me,

“It’s a Beanie Rap (I’m all Ty’d Up)” by Jeannine Marron Twardus

Let me tell you a story about a guy named Ty.
Seems he created these Beanies that make me high.
Little beans in their bodies and cute little faces
And I’m addicted to them — been to all kinds of places
Searching for Beanies and calling long distance,
Waiting in line and getting some ‘disses.
My husband didn’t know what was going on,
getting the credit card bills just, “had to be wrong.”
Smuggling Beanies upstairs, it’s no lie,
And I blame it all on that guy named Ty


It’s a Beanie rap,
It’s a Beanie rap,
It’s a Beanie rap,
I’m all Ty’d up

In the Beanie wrap,
In the Beanie wrap,
In the Beanie wrap,
I’m all tied up!

First, it was the plush, then the Attic Treasures
Then came Beanie Babies, then for good measure
He threw in the Pillow Pals, I had to have them all,
Can’t get through my living room, I’m up against a wall.
Humphrey, Liberty, seven row Tank,
These are the Beanies that break my bank.
Give me Peace, Bronty, anything but tie-dye
I got this Beanie Bug and I blame it on Ty!

Chorus (1x)

Got on the Internet for the first time,
Stopped by the Beanieweb then on to Ty’s.
Chat rooms full with people making deals,
People forgetting to make their family meals.
Going to Beanie shows hunting for retireds,
Persistent seekers, everyone’s wired. 
All addicted, just like me,
To little plush animals — Beanie Babies!
Nanook, Seamore, Princes (after Di), 
I collect them all and I blame it on Ty

Written 12/2/97 by Jeannine Marron Twardus
ASCAP Copyright 1997 Jeannine Marron Twardus
Newark, DE. To purchase cassette or for more information, call 1-888-PLUSH98

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