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This review may contain spoilers.

Round 2.

(Few spoilers)

I think I am comfortable giving this 5 stars now. Watching this again, knowing what happened, seeing all the hints and bread crumbs of the actual case and the truth was so cool. I stand by my opinion that this is the best script of the year. It deserve that Best Original Screenplay nomination and I would be happy if it wins. Rian Johnson has crafted such a perfect script with an amazing ensemble, a story that is extremely well structured, and then, combined with the great editing and directing + AMAZING cinematography and lighting and the final product is just a work of art.

I've seen/heard some of the jokes from this movie many times from the trailers and also my 1st viewing, but yet I still found myself laughing pretty hard. Especially anything from Michael Shannon's mouth or Chris Evans' perfect punchline at every end of conversation, or just Daniel Craig's everlasting charm. Not only is it a funny movie, Rian Johnson didn't back away from giving the movie a lil bit of heart. Actually no. The movie has a HUUUUGE heart. The story on Marta Cabrera, her personal relationship with Harlan Thrombey, the core element of her character which is kindness and decency, and I found myself having to love this character the most. I sympathized with her, I wanted her to just win in all of the obstacles she had to go through, and by the end, I saw Johnson's brilliant writing and what he was trying to tell. A story about decent people; though not rich as these other scumbags; she would always do the right thing.

Pretty good y'all. 2019 is the year where movies want to eat the rich.

Also, I want more of Benoit Blanc. It's pretty clear that this character has a lot of lore and backstory and could easily open up a whole franchise with this character investigating different settings and involving new set of characters. I think if we ever get a sequel (wouldn't be surprise if it happen), I would want Benoit Blanc to be the Sherlock Holmes/Batman type and then maybe Marta Cabrera can be his Watson or Leslie Thompkins. Leslie Thompkins is an ally of Batman/Bruce Wayne who would often give him guidance and whatnot and I think it would be the perfect type of relationship between Blanc and Cabrera. Maybe Marta uses her fortune to continue Harlan's legacy and write a book about the event of this movie in a way. It'd be pretty cool if she decided to say yes to the film and tv rights and whatnot and in the sequel, we see there's a Knives Out movie in that universe or something. That's some Scream 2 type shit and I would love to see that sort of creativity develop in this universe.

Rian Johnson, whatever you do next, I'll be there Day 1.

What a movie. So inspiring to me, personally.

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