Knives Out

Knives Out ★★★★★

From Looper and Ozymandias to Last Jedi and now Knives Out, Rian Johnson is on one of the hottest steaks for any directors working right now, and with his latest outing, he might have found a new playground and franchise for him and Daniel Craig to play with.

Knives Out is a clever murder mystery that plays like a great puzzle, it's one of the most enjoyable whodunnits in recent times and scratches the itch of the deeply frustrating Murder on the Orient Express. It makes you feel smart by giving you some easy clues to figure out yet it stays one step ahead of you and keeps some tricks up its sleeves with unexpected twists.

Ouside of the tight screenplay, the cast is amazing with Daniel Craig hamming it up just the right amount, Jamie Lee Curtis and Don Johnson being outlandish and rich, Ana De Armas and Lakeith Stanfield with great subtle performances. The whole ensemble is great, each character has well defined traits and personalities.

It is also much funnier than expected, the 'donut' moment might be the hardest I've laughed a movie this year and with all the surprises that play throughout the story, I expect this to be a big hit in the theater with over the holidays.

Wifey's thoughts on Chris Evans character, who is even more of a snack thanks to his sweater game: "I'll be Ransom's ransom."

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