Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 ★★★★

PLUS: It is appropriately weird. So much of Marvel’s STAR WARS-y space opera stuff from the late 70’s/early 80’s was WEIRD. This is weird. The aliens for instance. They act and react like creatures who have no fricking clue about what the human race is or how it behaves or what the hell is going on with these people. Which is appropriately weird.

MINUS: There was maybe a little too much in the way of 70’s soft rock this go-around. Kinda seems like when I’m watching a Marvel movie I shouldn’t randomly be reminded of my optometrist’s waiting room.

PLUS: People have justifiably been pouring the praise on Drax for serving as a hero/role model for those on the autism spectrum. But not enough people have been talking about what a tremendous role model Gamora is for girls on the edge of puberty who don’t quite know what to do with all their emotions. My daughter sits through all these Marvel movies with us and is always sorta like “yeah, it was okay” but she left GUARDIANS and talked NONSTOP for like half an hour about how awesome Gamora was.

MINUS: This film is perhaps a wee bit more fond of the Ravagers than I was. Also maybe a teensy bit jokier than it oughtta be?

PLUS: There are some SERIOUS deep cuts contained herein for the hardcore Marvel fan (ie the person like me whose sole source of entertainment for much of his youth was his massive stash of 70’s/80’s Marvel comics). I cannot speak of these deep cuts lest I be accused of being one of them spoiler-type jerks. But they are awesome.
In summary as of right now this is my third favorite standalone flick of the MCU behind the original GUARDIANS and ANT-MAN.

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