Blade Runner ★★★★★

has a few nonsensical story elements and there are moments where it sort of resignedly plods along but for like a solid year-year and a half in my late teens I probably saw this thing thirty times. if I ever found myself banished to a desert island this would probably have to be one of the movies I’d bring along.

everybody else has already talked with more eloquence and intelligence about this movie’s unique appeal but what I love the most about late 70’s/early 80’s dystopian sci-fi is the element of workaday banality that so much of it has. everybody’s too busy trying to make a frigging living to worry about the majestic imaginative vistas & cityscapes that surround them. the world of the future is shit and everybody’s too fricking tired to be in awe of anything and that’s what BLADE RUNNER is mainly about. I hope that is also what the BLADE RUNNER sequel is about.

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