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  • Bird Box

    Bird Box


    Great performance by Sandra bullocks and from my front runner Malkovich. The story line keeps you at the edge of the seat, full of love, mystery, breath holding moments throughout the movie. The thrilling story line and the unique concept of the movie deserves 4 stars. Although I am not quiet satisfied with the ending, it’s on my top 10 list on 2018..

  • Hereditary



    What the heck did i just watch. I feel myself possessed and confused. Hereditary is the most uncomfortable, unsettling weird yet so satisfying masterpiece. It’s the best horror movie I have ever watched. The concept, plot twist the terror, the mystery the cast, the acting is so flawless. What a movie to start the year 2019 with. Get ready for the mind roll and to scream holy shit at the end. Thank me later

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  • Her



    When you watch this  movie you feel like you are inside the character and going through all the emotional ups and down. This relation between a person and computer is so vividly described wid intense emotions, and love that you can feel it right in your heart. 
                 You feel attached to it all the time. It’s so appealing. This movie makes me happy

  • The Others

    The Others


    What a tantalizing story, it is among the best horror movies I have watched till the date. With no special effects and ghost animation this movie is a complete horror mystery that twist your brain around at the end. Mastering the plot, this movie scares and haunts with its brilliance and story telling capability.