Spectre ★★½

Oh boy oh boy I did not enjoy this movie.

Watched back to back with Skyfall, kinda ending the marathon. Now It's just No Time to Die remaining, and Im honestly kinda worried. Spectre is my least favorite Daniel Craig movie. Such a mess. Very shallow and poorly developed characters. Bland ass acting from almost everyone, including Christoph Waltz that gives the most uninspired performance of the entire movie as Blofeld.

The Craig Bond movies seemed to be heading to such an interesting place, after the kick-ass Casino Royale, the mediocre, however kinda artistic epilogue, Quantum of Solace and the formidable Skyfall. But Spectre just throws everything the series has been building out the window in exchange of, well, freaking Spectre. They were so hyped they got the rights for Spectre back they just half assed introduced it into the story without actually writing a good reason for it. Spectre seems completelly useless. This malignant organization that was behind EVERY SINGLE THING in these movies is really dumb. And it feels too uninportant. Bond destroys their plans just like he did with all his vilains before: efortlessly.

The plot twists are all stupid and predictable. I hate the reveal of the actuall relation between Bond and Blofeld. I was the entire time thinking: "No. They wouldn't". But yes, they did. In the lazyiest possible manner.

In general the movie is not terrible. But the direction is really bland and uninspired. The action is fine but unimaginative and simple. The great cinematography from the last movie is completelly gone. This does not feel AT ALL it was directed by Sam Mendes. Feels rushed, overstuffed and generic.

That PHENOMENAL opening sequence promised so much more. But everything kinda goes downhill once you realise they replaced the Radiohead music.

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