Hawkeye ★★★½

Bro. What the actual ass is wrong with texting on this show. Seriously.

Why do, everytime there is a phone in a scene, the character that is sending a message to someone gently touches the screen a couple times at random spots, but the letters just come blasting throught the screen at light speed? Like, I think I'm the single one human being on earth that is gonna complain about that, but it distracts me everytime. Like, I paused and looked at the footage frame by frame and there's not A SINGLE SCENE IN THIS SHOW in which the typing makes sense. Give me a sec.

WHY THE HELL don't the actors do the typing themselves??? Is there any reason to cgi it?? At all??? It is so freaking simple I don't get it. I guess they could animate the texting or record the screen and then play it with the actor "acting" on top of it. But... why? Don't they do it properly? They don't have the right timing?? The cellphone blue light messes with the lighting of the shot?? The pacing of the texting does not align with the director's creative vision??? Do they need FUCKING STUNT DOUBLES FOR TEXTING SCENES?!?!?

This was a mistake. Why am I only noticing this now. Is this in all marvel movies? Is this in ALL movies??? Oh- Oh god. Is this in every movie? I won't be able to watch movies anymore. I don't think I will be able to watch anything.

At one point, Clint searches "NYC larpers" on google. He takes like, one second. But what he actually types is more like: "iicjchchcufucuu"

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