Bros ★★

I wanted so badly to love this, but bummed to say it's just not good. It's supposed to be a romantic comedy, but by and large, I didn't find it particularly romantic or comedic. The script sounds like a first draft and the edit feels like a cobbled together assembly cut. What's the point of "reviving" beloved genres like this if we can't even get a good script out of it, let alone competent actors to pull it off? I mean seriously, it’s been a minute since I saw a major studio movie starring not one but two lead actors whose acting abilities simply cannot get the job done… The script is stuffed with way too much therapy-speak that psychologizes behaviors instead of just showing them. The fact that Bobby is introduced in the opening as a podcaster just so he can deliver 15 minutes of exposition before abandoning that venture all together just feels lazy to me. The movie’s depiction of sex, for an R rated comedy, was also pretty lazy and lame. Bros won't even show them having anal without being under a blanket? Not even a side butt moment? Not to mention the group sex scene where everyone is wearing underwear. Idk, that's not my experience! Anyway… you’ve gotta have some serious gaul to write several "jokes" about great movies like Brokeback Mountain & Power of the Dog and then go write something this mediocre. Don't get me wrong, I'm not so cynical that I don't want this to exist, but this should’ve been better bro.

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