Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★★★

Sometimes, in the wee small hours of 3am, I get up from my slumber and stretch.

Why? I remembered that my primary teacher once said that by stretching doing so, my soul chakra or some shit will hit a pressure point where all your past lives meet. I thought it was bogus at first, like why even meet your past selves when you can't even get your shit together?

This movie really combined the worst person in the world and Spider-Men: into the spider verse into one giant mega brain-melting event of what if's?
What if you're the worst version of yourself?
What if there's a version who knows how to do taxes?
What if you can live in a WKW-shot world?

It challenges us to be a voyeur in our lives, and actually examine our lives in smaller, more distinct details. Like, did anything matter?

Epilepsy warning aside, this juxtaposition of how Waymond and Evelyn sees the world forms a circle; a circle that exists amidst generational pain and human suffering, that all amalgamates into their Joy, into a fucking huge enso-ass b****.

But then again, I think if I live in a WKW-lit world in which people in Dior and Tom Smith are kissing in the back alley, I wouldn't want to wake up at 3am to stretch, because I'm happy with myself.

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