Judas and the Black Messiah

Judas and the Black Messiah ★★★½

Corporate America selling revolution is pretty sus, but I can't deny the quality of the filmmaking on display here, I guess Lakeith is just going to be great forever. I love this dude. There are moments in this film where it feels like you can see his soul tearing out of his body. The score everyone seems to hate I found really interesting. It's maybe a little too long, but appreciated that it isn't all encompassing and requires the audience to bring some knowledge of the time to it.

I gave an oral report in 9th grade about the Black Panthers and I'll never forget some white girl in my class asking me, "Weren't they just the black KKK?" which is exactly the narrative the FBI perpetuates in this film (and in real life). Hopefully she's evolved since then.

When is Mario Van Peebles' Panther going to come back in print? Agnes Varda's Black Panthers documentary is also essential viewing (currently streaming on Criterion Channel).

"We ain’t gonna fight capitalism with Black capitalism, we gonna fight capitalism with socialism."

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