Intrusion ½

Overly generic and very much predictable that it didn't really had in it anything at all that could've intrigued me or have me glued to the screen


1. Decent performances

2. Sub characters that felt were important to the plot but were still reduced to just mere tertiary characters and
A plot that just kept its focus only on the wife and the husband and both of them weren't really interesting characters or anything at all btw but were actually, quite DUMB, just saying.

3. Jumpscares that tbh, did startle and get me more than just once so idk,I feel embarrassed that I got startled by some of it😑and I don't usually get startled by these kinda cliched jumpscares, but I did here, so idk kudos to that😌

INTRUSION was such a typical mystery thriller with really nothing much to offer and that almost everybody would've have seen with slight changes and different actors through so many of the flicks that have been earlier released in this genre that solving this movies mystery and NOT being suprised at all by its twist didn't even make me feel NOT dumb but rather embarrassing, if truth be told🙂

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