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  • Ice House

    Ice House


    Filmed in Pasadena and LaPorte, Texas, late director Eagle Pennell's third feature film ICE HOUSE captures the desperation and idiosyncrasies of his earlier protagonists but without much of their spark or authenticity. Adapted from a play by writer/producer/star Bo Brinkman, the film ultimately boils down to a pulpy white trash love story full of small-town sin. The original New York Times review from 1989 unfavorably (but not necessarily inaccurately) compared the simple plot and characters to Sam Shepard's 1983 play…

  • Seasons in the Sun

    Seasons in the Sun


    Cinephobe's guest viewers are always choosing some fascinating films and tonight's pick was right in line with the channel's oddball vanity projects cache alongside Geteven and Tough Guys Don't Dance. Singer songwriter Terry Jacks was given a crack at the silver screen through Canadian television and the result is exactly what you'd expect from an 80s TV movie that feels like a 70s TV movie more often than not (completely bizarre). Jacks is wooden beyond belief but the story wants…