• Clerks III

    Clerks III


    I Really Wanted To Give This A Higher Rating But It Just Wasn’t In The Cards. This Third Entry In The “Clerks” Trilogy Just Wasn’t The Same. I Had Way More Fun With Clerks II. Now Don’t Get Me Wrong, I Did Enjoy The Storyline & How This Film Is Based On Kevin Smith’s Real Life Heart Attack But The Humor And Jokes Were Just Not There For Me. A Huge Reason I Loved The Sequel Was Because Of The Humor…I…

  • F9



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    I Swear These Movies Get Crazier & Crazier And Always Goes One Notch Up. Theres Not Much To Say, It’s Your Typical Fast & Furious Mojo. One Thing I Enjoyed Was How Much We Got From Dom & Jacob’s Time As Young Adults. We Actually Get To See What Happened To Their Father, The Last Time This Was Even Mentioned Was Back In The Very First Film. The Story In This Was Very Solid. There Was A Lot Going On In This One.…

  • Paper Towns

    Paper Towns


    First Off What’s The First Thing That Comes To Tour Mind When You Hear “Nat Wolff’?....Naked Brothers Band Am I Right? -Anyway-

    Man I’m Reading A Ton A Bad Reviews For This Yeesh. I Blind Bought This A Few Months Ago. I Usually Don’t Do Blind Buys But After Watching The Trailer I Thought It Look Interesting & Had An Interesting Story...I Wasn’t Wrong. I Enjoyed This. Love The Relationship With Quinton & Margo. Its Up And It’t Down, That One Night…

  • Slaughterhouse Rulez

    Slaughterhouse Rulez


    Saw That Simon Pegg & Nick Frost Were In This As Am A Big Fan Of The 2 & Their On Screen Chemistry. I Figured This Would Be Like (Shaun Of The Dead, Hot Fuzz, Worlds End). I Can See Some Qualities This Film Has With Those, Overall This Was Solid. I Definitely See The World’s End Approach In This. Especially During The Ending. 
    You Don’t Get A Lot Of Pegg/Frost On Screen Goodness In Fact They Are On Screen Together…

  • Freaky



    First Off, Seeing Vince Vaughn Act Like A Female OMG I Couldn’t Keep It Together😂👏🏻

    I Really Had A Blast With This One, A Great Modern Day Horror/Comedy About 2 People Switching Bodies. Definitely A Level Up From “Freaky Friday” Actually An Extreme Level Up. Kathyrn Newton & Vince Vaughn Were Great In This In Both Roles (Regular & Switched). The Plot Kept Me Entertained Throughout. i Definitely Would Grab This Film For My Collection. That Ending Caught My By Surprise, Thought…

  • Over the Hedge

    Over the Hedge


    Scrolling The Hu And Came Saw This Was On HBO Max. I Haven’t Seen This In Ages (Saw It When It Was In Theaters). I Remember Really Enjoying It Then And I STILL Enjoy To This Day. A Fun Hour & 23 Minute Kids Movie That Has Laughs & Fun Action. The Cast In This Was Great, A Bunch Of All-Stars. I Enjoyed Every Single One Of Them. My Favorite Though Of Coarse Was Steve Carell As Hammy. I Mean My Goodness…

  • I'll Be Home for Christmas

    I'll Be Home for Christmas


    (Tis The Season)

    Scrolling Thru D+ And Came Saw This One. I Haven’t Seen This One In Years And Yes A JTT (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) Film. As You Know I Couldn’t Stand His Voice In Man Of The House But This One I’ll Make An Exception. The Older JTT & Voice I Enjoyed Here As Well As His Performance. Jessica Biel Is Pretty Good Here As Well. The Story Is Solid And Makes You Hope He Gets Home...And Gets That Porsche.…

  • A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas

    A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas


    It’s The Holiday Season And What Better Than A Stoner Comedy On A Lazy Friday Afternoon, While Not As Superior As The First One This One Is A Traditional Watch In My Opinion. One Part Of The Movie I Enjoyed Was The Claymation Of Harold & Kumar. Brought A Unique Aspect To The Characters And Humor. The Supporting Roles Are Decent In This Especially The Little Kid 😆. Is That All What Happens When You Take That Stuff.

    (A Couple Of…

  • Mr. Bean's Holiday

    Mr. Bean's Holiday


    Ahh Mr. Bean What Can You Say? I Didn’t Grow Up On The Character, Only Saw The 2 Films And To This Day I Only Have Seen The Films. I Actually Saw This When It Was In Theaters (Something Else Was Sold Out And Was Like Uhh Mr. Bean I Guess). I Have Seen This Many Times Before And This Time It Was Like Meh. Don’t Get Me Wrong The Mr. Bean Character Is A Trip & Rowan Atkinson’s Greatest Role…

  • Undead or Alive: A Zombedy

    Undead or Alive: A Zombedy


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    I Remember The First Time I Ever Saw This, It Was Late Night And It Was On A Channel I Usually Did Not Get (Free Pay Per View Weekend?) Idk But I Do Remember Enjoying This And Saw I Owned It On DVD & Had To Revisit. It’s One Of Those Cheesy Zombedy (Lol), It’s Fun For The Runtime, Not A Masterpiece. Kattan & Denton Have Some Ok Film Chemistry But Rawat (😍) I Thought Was The Better Of The Three. I…

  • Munchie



    Think This Is Going To Be A Birthday Watch Tradition. I Absolutely LOVE This Film & Will Never Get Tired Of Rewatching/Revisiting. I Recently Bought The Blu-Ray From Shout! Factory & Had To Check Out The New Transfer. What’s Not To Love About Dom Deluise As Munchie. He’s Funny/Wacky/Smart/Been Around For Centuries. Munchie & Gage Are One Of The Best Duos Ever, Sprinkle In Some Loni Anderson & Jennifer (Love) Hewitt & You Got Some Pure Fun & Gold. I Wish We Had Some More Adventures…

  • Jungle 2 Jungle

    Jungle 2 Jungle


    Scrolling Through The D+ And Saw This & Instantly Wanted To Re-Watch. I Am A Big Tim Allen Fan & I Remember Really Liking This One & I Still Enjoyed It During This Re-Watch. Still Even Had A Few Chuckles During As Well. I Forgot That Sam Huntington Was In It, As Soon As I Sas Him Im Like Wait That’s The Brother In Sleepover (Hes Older Of Coarse In That). This Is Also The First Film That Had Tim Allen & Martin Short…