Judas and the Black Messiah

Judas and the Black Messiah ★★★★½

with lockdown easing once more here this monday, this movie was my first time back in a cinema in months and it was certainly the welcome back i have been craving.

firstly, i wanna say daniel kaluuya was well deserving in his win of the best supporting actor at the oscars this year, the whole show is a sham but i think it sometimes manages to do its job and highlight incomprehensible talent.

shaka king manages to create a telling of a story that feels so incredibly truthful that upon the end reveal with a clip of the real william o’neal i felt a little shocked. there isnt an inch of this film that feels staged or rehearsed, every performance is compelling and heartbreaking and utterly infuriating at times.

it feels unfair to mention daniel without also stating how lakeith stanfield holds his own just as impressively and was both sympathetic and maddening as o’neal, i’m extremely excited to see where else both men will go in their careers.

just a little side note, the soundtrack reminded me a lot of if beale street could talk at times which is also a movie i highly recommend.

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