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  • Time



    A very persuasive doc — my initial reaction to the set-up which establishes the crime and conviction of the central couple along with the opinion that "prison is slavery" was that there was some sense of entitlement; what, you shouldn't pay for your serious crime? It's not like this is a wrongful conviction. But the film very quickly burned away my skepticism in how it handles the concept of time, both the universal and incarcerated versions of it, by interconnecting…

  • The Night of Counting the Years

    The Night of Counting the Years


    A mystifying journey into the deep recesses of Upper-Egypt. With it's slow pace, droning score and endless whistling wind in the soundscape, this is that type of movie that becomes hypnosis at night. I wish I watched it at 1am. Next time.

    Telling the story of a tribe who plunder ancient Egyptian tombs to fund the survival of their community and a new generation who is mortified to learn the truth of their reality, this film lets us soak in…

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  • Eraserhead


    Assigning a star rating to this movie would be like grading a Salvador Dali piece with a star rating. It's utterly absurd and simplifies the work to the point of insult. Eraserhead has more in common with a Dali painting than another film at your multiplex, it's a piece of art, not entertainment. I would be more comfortable sitting and watching this in a gallery than a theatre with twelve-dollar popcorn combos.

    People constantly wonder what this or that means,…

  • Cremaster 3

    Cremaster 3

    One of the most fucked up movies I've ever paid thousands of dollars worth of tuition to watch.