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  • Theatre of Blood
  • Masquerade in Vienna
  • Swan Song
  • Harlan County U.S.A.

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  • The Gay Divorcee


  • Blinded by the Light


  • The Atomic Soldiers


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  • The Gay Divorcee

    The Gay Divorcee


    I remember I first saw this after I'd seen most of Astaire and Rogers' other films, expecting it to be more of an uneven proof-of-concept, the beginnings of something great... But even now it's such a rush of energy, it's electric watching the funny-looking man with the toupee dance with the bombshell comedienne. Good Lord, that chemistry.

    I'm always a little surprised at how forgettable most of the song numbers are, but then comes Cole Porter's 'Night and day', and…

  • Blinded by the Light

    Blinded by the Light


    A feel-good coming of age film set in the 80s about a British-Pakistani boy exploring personal values, culture, love, politics and poetry through Springsteen songs is the kind setup that can overcome so many minor clumsy flaws, but I became more and more bummed out about how overly basic this film is.

    Every beat is just a little too artificial, a little too scriptwriting 101:
    - The white female teacher who remains completely indifferent to the other students and whatever…

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  • The Important Man

    The Important Man


    I still don't understand how Toshiro Mifune, noted samurai actor, wound up starring in a Mexican movie as a drunken Indomexican rogue in the early sixties, even before he started trying to break through in Hollywood. But I'm glad he did. The dubbing is superb, so much so that I kept forgetting I wasn't actually hearing Mifune speaking Spanish. He delivers a fantastic performance, not at all hindered by miming a language he didn't understand.

    There's some marvellous cinematography and…

  • Snow Trail

    Snow Trail


    I know this gets overlooked as a mere cinematic curiosity -- oh, Mifune's first movie; oh, a script by Kurosawa. But I genuinely enjoy it, I even enjoy it a lot more than several other Mifune/Kurosawa productions. And not just because bad boy Mifune is just the most unearthly handsome creature on this earth.

    I love the little moments up there in the cabin, I love Nojiro nodding off content and warm and safe to the sound of 'Oh Susanna',…