Zodiac ★★★★★

Once again I rewatched David Fincher’s  classic “zodiac”, and without any surprise I still love this film. Yeah it’s been few years since I seen this film. Like any fincher films you start to like his film noir crime thrillers once again but only this time this talks about a true crime suspect the zodiac killer. The movie starts in the late 60’s expanding the investigation for I think 2-3 decades. It’s gets really interesting the more as an audience to figure it out who is the real identity of the zodiac killer. I love the directing, cinematography, the score, and the writing. Jake Gyllenhall killed it in his performance as Robert Graysmith a cartoonist from San Francisco chronicles, but you start to like him allot the way he try to solves the mystery in the film. Others cast like Mark Ruffalo and Robert Downey jr. were fantastic from their performance as well. Like any fincher’s filmmaking this won’t make you disappoint, when he brings his visuals effects in the film, it’s beautiful and stunning. I think this film does have allot of rewatch value if you wanna get involved into the mystery. But overall this is a underrated masterpiece and if you guys haven’t seen this film I bet you guys to watch it.

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