Women Talking

Women Talking ★★★½

Empathic and impactful even though this falls into the trap of prioritizing the point it’s trying to make over invisible storytelling - the third act is the best because it isn’t just conversations under a microscope that sound like 2022 feminist tiktok more often than not, which I found distracting and sometimes a little cringe. The interesting part is that they’re uneducated and ostensibly navigating these issues that haven’t been explored by their community so why do they all sound like Socrates (also, if August went to university why wouldn’t he say anything about outside their colony, am i crazy??)
Anyways, the passion in front of and behind the camera prevented any of that from taking me out of the film. I think I’ve seen so many people complain about the color grading that I’ve decided I don’t mind it. Rooney Mara was really good. Ben Whishaw probably cries more than I’ve seen anyone ever cry in a movie.

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