Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills β˜…β˜…β˜…

I’m writing this walking home feeling a little giddy?! What is happening?! Have I been turned into a Halloween stan in the last day? Maybe a little😳 I hope long time fans will have me. and if you ever hear me calling Michael daddy, mind your business!

The person next to me in the theater said β€œthis is literally a fan fic” and that’s the perfect way to describe this. Some of the stupidest wildest shit I’ve ever seen happens in this movie, some of it was fun, some of it was frustrating. Every single thing that every single person does is stupid. It was gorier and funnier than Halloween (2018) for me, but I was also in a rowdy theater as opposed to my couch where I have no one to laugh and wince with but myself.Β 

In an interesting twist, the most jarring thing that happens doesn’t involve Michael at all, but comes as a consequence of the fear/anger he’s instilled in the people of Haddonfield (very much in Mother! fashion). Some of the encounters that were supposed to be most climactic got an audible β€œthat’s it?”, but it’s evident that the creators have tossed all logic and restraint to the wind. I had so much fun. Excited to watch more of these

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