Blonde ★½

I think it’s worth noting that Andrew Dominik never intended to make a biopic about Marilyn Monroe’s life and accomplishments and who she was as a person, and I don’t think it’s fair to be mad at him for not making that. I think it’s also worth noting that what he made instead is an overlong ~Lynchian~ experiment that attempts to explore the nightmarish existence of being a living American myth, but has so little insight that all it actually ends up doing is making a joke out of a woman whose literal only request was for us not to do that. This isn’t without artistic merit, the visual filmmaking is brilliant and Dominik succeeds in provoking you here and there, but why does it have to be Marilyn Monroe? And why does he portray her as a petulant child who can only make doe eyes and speak in a sexy voice and call everyone daddy? It’s blatantly misogynistic but Dominik obviously doesn’t know that. He’s only able to view Marilyn though the lens of infantilization, as a woman without agency, so his attempt at saying something profound instead underwhelms and upsets as a flashy but redundant/surface level exploration of fame at Marilyn’s expense. I don’t think this is nearly as explicit or vulgarly offensive as the discourse made it seem, but it’s ultimately kind of ? because he went to all these lengths just to do the American myth thing again and say “hey look daddy issues”. Just watch Elvis it’s way more fun

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