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  • John Wick: Chapter 4

    John Wick: Chapter 4


    HOW DO THEY KEEP GETTING AWAY WITH THIS!!! In a world where it no longer seems possible for every movie in a franchise to be a banger, Keanu Reeves and Chad Stahelski emerge from the shadows, ghostly silhouettes in black suits, and say “shhhh it’s okay. We have more dogs and Donnie Yen. We also did that overhead tracking shot you wanted, and made our universe’s version of Daredevil and the Penguin. You will see old favorites, and be introduced…

  • Aftersun



    You never really shake that feeling of seeing darkness in your parents that you don’t understand yet. The sudden realization that holes are being poked in your perfect image of them, and you don’t know whether to resent them or pity them or all of the above. I don’t like to get very personal with reviews but it’s hard to separate my thoughts on Aftersun from my own experiences, and it’s worth mentioning that I’ve probably never felt so acutely…

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  • Jennifer's Body

    Jennifer's Body


    “My tit.”
    “No. Your heart.”

    Being a teenage girl is grotesque and divine, it’s also quite silly and sad. Just like this movie! Diablo Cody’s real name is Brooke and she said that this script ended up being unexpectedly autobiographical, Needy and Jennifer representing her experiences before and after adopting a new persona and gaining attention as a writer. I really resonated with and appreciated her (in the interview I linked) reflecting on freeing ourselves from seeking external validation and the male…

  • Wish



    I actually really liked the pastelly celestial aesthetic of Wish, and the life-affirming sentiment that we aren’t complete without both the beauty and pain of aspiration. But this movie doesn’t have a soul, it’s a lazy run-through of stale tropes and side characters dressed up in sparkles and emotional manipulation. The script is nothing, I try not to use the AI jab but I’m seriously getting suspicious. Ariana DeBose is obviously great, and Chris Pine is fun for 10 seconds…

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  • Oppenheimer



    Oppenheimer’s girl dinner: a metric ton of cigarettes and a total of two clementine slices

  • Barbie



    In the moments where you can tell this is Greta either just having fun or laying bare her feelings about womanhood and being human, this really sings. I cried in the first 30 minutes when Barbie meets an old woman and simply says, “you’re beautiful”. I cried laughing at the “can I play the guitar at you” Ken bit. But I think people are discounting how many clear limitations there are for this movie that is still a toy commercial,…