The Woman King

The Woman King ★★★½

Pour one out for Dahomey. What a crowd pleasing war flick with good battle scenes and an interesting history not well known. It could've benefited from an R rating but it still has some brutal moments that really pushed that PG-13 to the limit. All the ladies did a great job, you can tell they put in the work physically, they were imposing and handled the choreography well. Total badasses. Lashana Lynch was a standout and played my favorite character. Viola Davis killed it, having some heavy scenes to bear and also the physicality, and she didn't have snot coming out of her nose for once. John Boyega also did a great job, he is becoming quite the underrated talent if you ask me. Many of the story beats are predictable and many liberties have been taken with this story but it still has many effective moments and powerful messages. I love just how ruthless these warrior women can be on the battlefield and also how joyous, loving, and passionate they all are for each other and their home. The score is complementary to the visuals, enhancing the fights or the celebrations. Overall really solid and empowering stuff.

Also I watched this next to five elderly black women who were very vocal and it might have made my experience that much better. I normally hate when people talk even a little bit but they were having such a good time it rubbed off on me.

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