Fear Street: 1666

Fear Street: 1666 ★★★★★

Fear Street Part Three brings us back to the last film's jaw-dropper of an ending with the best of the series' cast in brand new roles. I've never been the biggest fan of folk horror, but this works; the switch from slasher to supernatural distinguishes this chapter from the last two as the town grows sinister, effectively keeping you guessing what the evil of Fear Street actually is. As the witch hunt begins, so does the feeling of dread, with some of the most disturbing visuals and action sequences this trilogy has to offer as the power shifts and the truth unravels.

Returning to the core 1994 narrative after that flashback wraps up, Fear Street 1666 really kicks in as a sequel -- it subverts what we thought we knew and continues to twist itself until the very end. Loved the callbacks and the closure we got, and this genuinely was such a fun conclusion to what's probably my favorite horror trilogy after Scream. After that mid-credits tease, I hope they go ahead and expand on this franchise with some other R.L. Stine tales. Instant classic.


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