Sweet Home ★★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

Legendary make-up effects artist Dick Smith(THE GODFATHER,SCANNERS,ATERED STATES) provided the make-up effects for this Japanese ghost thriller that has a television production show crew,which includes the likes of the show's producer(Shingo Yamashiro[COPS VS. THUGS,THE STREETFIGHTER'S LAST REVENGE]),his teen daughter(Nobuko "Nokko" Yamada[TOI]),his girlfriend(Nobuko Miyamoto[TAMPOPO,SUPERMARKET WOMAN]),the show's hostess(Fukumi Kuroda[TALES OF A GOLDEN GEISHA,ZERO FOCUS]),and the show's cameraman(Ichiro Furutachi[WANNA-BES]), staying over at the decaying mansion of a deceased artist whose heavily troubled(andm urderous) wife's angry spirit still hanuts the place as she targets for everyone to be killed while setting her sights on Yamada,driving Miyamoto to use her motherly instincts to save the young teen and defeat the evil spectre.

Veteran Japanese horror writer/director Koyoshi Kurasawa(PULSE[2001],CREEPY) succeeds in making SWEET HOME a chilling on-screen experience in the manner that he keeps the perfect balance in building up the film's characters and their relationship with each other while displaying plenty of gory carnage(which include a body ripped in half and gorily melting people) that enables the film's on-screen horrors to be very believable amid the cast's strong performances that enrich SWEET HOME to being a vastly superior Japanese horror feature.

A video game version of this film was released in Japan during the film's Japanese theatrical release,with the film's trailer mixing in scenes from that very video game.

The recently released SWEET HOME(2020) bears no absolute reations to this film.