Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive ★★★★★

I've seen this several times over the years and I've been a fan of Lynch for a long time but it was about two years ago where he became one of my absolute favourites. That was after seeing all of Twin Peaks for the first time as well as re-watching most of his films and his style is simply just one that constantly works for me. Being famously reluctant to ever explain any true meaning for his films already makes his films fascinating but what's most impressive is that the more I watch them they will always offer something new. Mulholland Drive is a perfect film, one that has so many ideas and just comes together so smoothly and could be the best film this master surrealist has made. The performances by all but especially Naomi Watts are just incredible and the music of Angelo Badalamenti as always is perfectly fitting. Told through a non-linear narrative Mulholland Drive just captivates from beginning to end making us feel so many different emotions throughout and I personally have a way in which I view the film but what's most important is that through the many theories that have been written about it all can work for each viewer in their own ways.

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