I've always dreamed of classic cars and movie screens

Favorite films

  • Mad Max 2
  • The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
  • Frances Ha
  • Attack the Block

Recent activity

  • Batman: Gotham by Gaslight

  • Brothers


  • Rapture-Palooza


  • The Hollars


Recent reviews

  • Batman: Gotham by Gaslight

    Batman: Gotham by Gaslight

    Weird how violent these DC animated movies are.

    Anyway, I dug the premise.

  • Brothers



    Succeeds as an acting exercise, less so as a movie. Which I guess translates to "this would have been a good play".

    There's a scene in this where Gyllenhaal and Portman's characters are listing to music from their childhood and Gyllenhaal is surprised that Portman was into U2, expecting her to have been into NYSNC. U2 wrote an original song for this movie (I guess cause the director knows them from Ireland? I didn't look it up.) and that conversation feels like the weirdest kind of product placement. In what fucking world was U2 the male 1999 equivalent of NYSNC?

Popular reviews

  • The Black Phone

    The Black Phone


    I really like Joe Hill, so it's a shame that adaptations of his work always suck. The problem here probably started with having one of those ex-Ain't It Cool News doofuses co-write the script. Most of those dudes were sub-literate.

    Anyway, this doesn't make any sense, isn't particularly scary and Hawke's performance feels miscalibrated.

    I liked the little girl playing the younger sister, but the script doesn't do her any favors. She's like, calling cops fart knockers and telling Jesus…

  • Kill the Irishman

    Kill the Irishman


    This movie is like if the montages from Goodfellas were an hour and forty minutes long. And set in Cleveland. And terrible.