A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master

A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master ★★

The Dream Master has two things going for it, and they're both pretty compelling: the spectacular body horror effects of Screaming Mad George (most notably of Society fame) and Freddy Krueger loving every scene he is in. Outside of this, there is nothing of merit.

The film picks up plot strands and characters, before discarding them randomly - and never attempts any kind of coherence. One could argue dream logic but that would be over generous, this is just a mess of a film held up by a handful of strong sequences.

When we go full body horror - or full dream surrealism - there is so much to love. One extended sequence involving a bug is, well, pretty Kafakesque. Kafka by way of Cronenberg brought to you by Screaming Mad George. This moment is the high point of the series so far but its inclusion makes the film even more frustrating. You see the film this could be; you see the tone and style it can achieve,

There is a wonderful body horror movie stuck inside this below mediocre slasher but it is weighed down by things like awful dialogue and even worse line delivery. But, then Freddy appears sporadically in some inventive, and scenery chewing, set-pieces. There are laughs to be had and his presence lights up an otherwise dreary screen.

As a YouTube clip compilation, this film is a worthy endeavour, as a film it is woefully disappointing.

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