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This review may contain spoilers.

It’s pretty rare that I make a huge change in my grading on a film but after having seen midsommar and always kinda wanting to revisit this one I did and I’m going from 3 to 4.5 which I think is a big shift ... that’s average to outstanding in my terms.. sometimes and usually this is only with tv shows (especially stuff like Dark & Legion which are particularly complex) I need to just watch stuff and let it wash over me and avoid trying to give feedback in regards to good or bad, and I can try to understand it but I just can’t.. there’s this weird thing that happens and the slowest seeming stories actually have the most going on in them, it’s just happening in a subtle fashion. I’m totally rambling .... 🤣

So after my 2nd watch on this I definitely appreciate its complexity, subtlety and foreshadowing. At the core this is a possession film and I’m very reluctant to get into those anymore, maybe ever since Insidious really.. The rest of the possession films now just seem a dime a dozen without much depth or unpredictability and the execution is usually so so... hereditary is none of those things, it definitely rises above the rest in so many ways.. first of all the score is phenomenal & I do remember actually the first time I saw this that was one of the things that stood out for me - the overall atmosphere of this film and I think a lot of that is owed to the score .. it’s very drone like in nature and puts me into that trance-tense state where I’m totally sucked in. The story is great, first time I wasn’t sure if she was just nuts and now I know she’s not but I’m still wondering as told in the first classroom scene - are they pawns or was there anything that could’ve been done to change the outcome- hmmmm... Now my last question - why at the end when they crown peter do they call him Charlie at first, and why did he make the click sound? Was the click sound actually Paimon in Charlie’s body ... this makes sense I guess and we know they tried to take charlie with paimon.. what also stands out is all the attention to detail in production design and the cinematography- this is a fantastic looking film.. amazon prime has it available to stream in 4K too, get your geek on... 

Unfortunately one of the things that’s bothered me the first time still bugs me and that’s the casting choices ..I can usually let stuff slide but .... IRL Gabriel Byrne is 22 years older than Toni Colette, fucking so cliche to have the man be so much older than his wife , typical nonsense ... The son Alex wolf as Peter , is 21 , looks 25 and plays a high school kid... again typical nonsense , plus when he ugly cries it’s really painful/fake feeling to watch and it makes it hard to be sympathetic ...later when he is screaming mommy mommy , it just doesn’t work (is it bad dialogue, is it bad casting I don’t know) and ruins some of the tension in a scene which is a huge moment ..

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