Missing ★★★★

very much prefer this one to its predecessor, searching. before i get any further and before these things evaporate from my mind, here are two things that i find hilarious from this film 😭

1. kevin’s password (it’s his password right? or email? fuck i start to forget!!!) kevintheestallion??? 😭😭😭
2. the frustration that june feels when she has to pick those annoying and irritating 9 captcha pictures just to ensure google that she isn’t a robot… i relate to it on a religious level because THAT IS INDEED THE MOST ANNOYING FEATURE

okay now that i am done listing those two aforementioned things… the two main reasons why i love this film are:

1. its editing technique!!! it was soooo fun following every movement, jumping from one app to another. love the use of every possible app, she’s truly tech-savvy!
2. i also had a fun time detecting some of the neglectable things and silently saying “ahhh i get it!”. would feel a bit disappointed if they only made the lost watch irrelevant but turns out it holds a significant part!

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