Judas and the Black Messiah

Judas and the Black Messiah ★★★½

When you acknowledge the established contextual boundaries this film exists within — that dominant media is, obviously, not interested in accurately presenting radicalism — you can (if ya want lol) appreciate work created within said boundaries independently. In other words, kill your expectations; it’s inherently a surface level depiction of reality — n shouldn’t have been sold as a ‘Fred Hampton biopic’

The film succeeds in being a genre film while still feeling refreshing, given it’s more noir thriller than biopic — with all the necessary components functioning. Shaka King is special. Hampton is merely a parallel vehicle for the actual story of O’Neal’s journey as an exploited crab in a bucket (not devoid of all options tho)/rat serving as a weapon of the state’s violence/white supremacy to suppress Black liberation and establish social order

Stanfield is good, Kaluuya is great (like, really great), Plemmons is THEE grimey archetype of this time; and I like how . Still, I think O’Neal’s story is thin — devoid from the complexity of a vulnerable  teenager (cuz, boy... he turned out to be some work) — and not as confrontational as it could’ve been

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