Dave Chappelle: The Closer

Dave Chappelle: The Closer ★★

Yet again, reactionary for the sake of it 🙄; a shame because it started off great. Chappelle is 48 years old… His underlying schtick in some of these specials has been a cycle of ‘fuck nuance, piss ppl off, complain about ppl being pissed off’. Grow up ffs.

Ultimately, several parts made me laugh, even few things I don’t agree with, and he still manages to end the show well. It’s just that he’s lost his touch, in my opinion — blanket assessments and shit.

• 22mins in he’s dishing out gay jokes that sound like a teenager wrote them. Disregards Black gay ppl who exist at the intersection of his lazy attempt at some, supposedly, profound demonstration of a double standard between the two marginalised groups.

• DaBaby section: ‘DaBaby didn’t get backlash when he shot another Black man in Walmart, but did when he offended the gay community’

Is Chappelle tapped or what… it must be old age. No one can prove DaBaby shot and killed that man… so how would backlash be justified.

• Heart pouring through the mic, he said: “Why is it easier for Bruce Jenner to change his gender than it is for Cassius Clay to change his name?"

Chappelle has officially lost his critical thinking skills. Context is clearly an unknown concept for this man at this age. Two different topics that occurred at different moments in history; were trans people *somewhat* allowed to exist as they are today during the entirety of the 1900s, let alone specifically in 1964? And apparently at the expense of Black people? Absolutely insane mental gymnastics he’s engaged in with this one… 

Anyway,🖕Caitlyn Jenner.

• He compares trans people to white people in blackface, but for women. This was a reprehensible thing to say that, baselessly, bastardised a section of history regarding the centuries of systematic subjugation of Black people.

Trans people are not transitioning because they hate what they’re becoming. So, how tf does this comparison make sense.

And, of course, the irony here is how he rants about how his main target has always been White people and racial dynamics, but consistently disregards the existence of Black LGBTQIA+ people.

Wanting more compassion for your people starts with you, dumbass. Great work lol

• “They’ve cancelled people more powerful than me”, he says on his 6th Netflix special — making over $60m (probably $120m by now). This, naturally, makes complete sense according to the non-existent (i.e. no consensus) criteria for cancel culture 👍

• “I agree. Gender is a fact”, he’s gone mask off 🤣 Feels like I’m in da barbershop. Not that gender may not be purely a social construct, but that it’s “fact” (lol) because he rejects nuance now… and science?

He’s gettin $20m a special to capitalise off the cultural status he built, mainly, during the 2000s, so what’s the point of thinking critically and engaging in an empathetic manner, like before… no incentive to do so when the bare minimum still makes you (probably) $120m.

However, this, to reiterate, lazy and juvenile style undermines the empathetic moments where his strongest skill runs free smh.

• The last section can be whittled down to ‘I’m not transphobic, I have a trans friend — who YOU lot killed!’

I thought Twitter wasn’t a real place, David 🤦‍♂️

RIP Daphne

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