Blade Runner

Blade Runner ★★★★½

*mild spoilers ahead*

I'll never get the complaints about the plot or the characters in this, it goes for visual storytelling and doesn't dialogue the fuck out of everything but that doesn't mean there was no consideration for the plot.

I thought it was about the search of something real, wanting something real but also bluring the line between real and manufactured. we got this character Rick Deckard, constantly looking for something natural, something real, in this one scene, he plays his old piano, on it there are these old pictures, from a different time, before technology. was he even alive then? I don't think he was, I think he lowkey wishes he was born during another time period, he imagines a horse running through these fields, he wants to be there.

there's this character Rachel at the start, she isn't "real", she's a replicant, she doesn't know it, she has been fed memories, she has feelings like everyone else. at one point in the movie, Rick tries kissing her, then pushes her away, rejecting the manufactured, embracing the real, but then quickly starts kissing her again.

the manufactured is now the real, they're practically the same at this point, the score switches from a synthesized saxophone to a real one, we can't know the difference, Deckard asks this girl at one point if her snake is real, he can't tell anymore.

the film is very well directed, I think it's a masterclass in creating an atmosphere, combined with the cinematography we get some spectacles, dirty cities, these old buildings in this newer setting, bright lights advertising a whole lotta shit.

however, I feel like I need to rewatch this to give it a full score, I got a lot out of it, but I kinda wanna get more, understand the story and the characters even more, it's a special one tho.

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