The French Connection

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This review may contain spoilers.

One of the worst police officers of all time (Gene Hackman’s Popeye) stumbles upon an international drug trafficking plot by accident, after illegally spying on a sexy Italian man for nothing more than the crime of staying out late and getting a little side pussy. 

During the course of the film Popeye loses a geriatric Frenchman on foot, murders one innocent  person, is arguably responsible for the death of at least two others, and engages in racial profiling of dozens of black, Hispanic, and Italo American New Yorkers.

Aesthetically speaking, a youngish Gene Hackman is one of the most fucked up, unsettling things I’ve ever seen in my life. Thankfully, his partner in the  movie, Roy Schneider’s Cloudy, is a swarthy piece of ass who seems like he would be an incredibly supportive life partner both in your creative/personal pursuits and in the bedroom. Cloudy has the vibe of a man that would definitely go down on you until you came and then fuck you.