Roma ★★★★★

There are so many amazing things to say about "Roma" where do I begin?

First off Alfonso Cuaron is a genius, and going back to his Mexican roots, making a film in black and white, choosing to use Spanish and Mixtec, and also choosing to shoot the movie in a movie that even the cast wasn't aware of is pure beauty.

Things to love:
-The cast
-the script
-being shot in black and white
-The single take long shots
-The beach scene
-The Riot scene
-The birthing scene

At first I was upset that a movie this amazing didn't get a theatrical run and was only sent to Netflix. But then I thought the movie can be seen by so many other people who would normally not have access to it, and in that sense I am glad Netflix is able to share such an amazing, important and career defining movie such as "Roma"

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