Knives Out

Knives Out ★★★★½


My expectations were extremely high for this film and I’m so glad it met them and even exceeded them.

Knives Out is the lates murder mystery film from Rian Johnson. I didn’t love The Last Jedi but I respect everyone’s opinions on it and it does have some good qualities. I have mad respect for Rian Johnson though as I think he’s putting some really original films out there such as Looper and now Knives Out, I’ve not seen Brick but I’m going to. 

I thought Rian Johnson did a fantastic job directing this. I loved all the quick camera movements and especially that opening shot of the house. The editing was also really great. 

One of the best parts of the whole film was the characters. They all had an equal amount of screen time and all had different personality’s and quirks. It was really funny to see all their personalities clash in the arguments scene where Ransom shows up for the will reading. And please can we get Ana De Armas and Oscar. She was INCREDIBLE and my favourite performance of the film, maybe even the year. She brought so much emotion to the role, especially the scene where she finds Harlan dead. The other great standout performances are Daniel Craig as Benoit Blanc and Chris Evans as Ransom. I obviously thought Daniel Craig was going to kill it as Benoit Blanc but Chris Evans was surprisingly superb. He was really great in the funny scenes but also managed to balance it with a serious tone in the serious scenes. 

I thought the cinematography was also really good as well. 

Now for my flaws, of which I only have two. Some of the jokes didn’t always land for me. This is really just a nitpick. But I thought the end twist of who the killer was was predictable from the start and I had already guessed before the climax.

Overall, Knives Out is an incredible film that I hope does well at the box office and I can’t wait to dive deeper into Rian Johnson’s filmography.

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