Andrei Tarkovsky’s Filmography Ranked

Aw hell yeah. I finally finished all of Tarkovsky’s feature length movies. This was a lot of fun but also BORING as hell! This dude makes some boring flicks let me tell ya. 

Anyway I’d say Solaris and Stalker should be highest on your Tarkovsky watchlist, followed by Mirror, and then everything else. Stalker and Solaris both have super cool USSR interpretations of the future which makes them very interesting to watch, so I recommend checking that shit out. Mirror is also really good. It’s a very artsy fartsy sorta drama, what with its nonlinear and dreamlike structure and whatnot. It’s a beautiful movie idk I would compare it to a dried flower or some shit. Also it’s NOT 3 hours, so if you’re trying to watch a Tarkovsky movie but don’t have time for all that then watch Mirror.