The Northman

The Northman ★★★★½

Admittedly, not my favorite Eggers film. It's definitely his most accessible, story wise.
Everything else about it is VERY much his style and his most visually dynamic since The Lighthouse.

Later review:

After watching this last night and letting more of what I witnessed sink in. This is definitely a top 4 of 2022.
Even though it's story is one that's been told before, it's little easier for the GP to follow, but judging by the negative words of one member of a trio of frat boys who walked out of the theater (idk if they were all groups of str8 men look like fraternities to me), it's still very much NOT for everyone, but I'd still recommend it because it's so uniquely told that it can impress or entertain anyone, but not everyone.

It's very telling how this is not a horror film, but I spent most of the runtime frightened. Thankfully I know 'some' norse mythology, so certain images weren't all that confusing, but the way the film blends Almeth's visions of gods, seeers, and valkyries with the raw brutality of the violence from the berserkers, Fjölnir and his kinsmen, and even from Almeth himself makes this film such an intense first watch. Sure to be stuck in anyone's head.

Overall, it's 3 for 3 for Robert Eggers.

(we need a director's cut)

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