Glass Onion

Glass Onion ★★★★½

I’ll keep this brief to avoid any and all spoilers. Rian Johnson has never made a bad movie and this is no exception. It’s a damn fine looking movie, with a cast that’s really giving it their all - Janelle was the standout for me, but everyone killed it. Excellent twists, turns, set-ups, and payoffs.

The pacing felt a little off, but that’s about my only gripe. It doesn’t quite match the pitch-perfect lightning-in-a-bottle that Knives Out managed to achieve, but this is worthy sequel full of biting social commentary (if you hated that in the first movie, this doubles down on it btw) and it’s a whole lotta fun. See it in a theater if possible - we saw it with a great crowd and it made it all the more better. 

Rian, please make like 10 more of these plz and thank you

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