• Freewheelin'



    This is some kind of weird hybrid documentary/skate video/scripted drama thing about Stacy Peralta and west coast skate scene in the late 70’s. I put it on to laugh at the goofy barefoot old school skaters but the footage is really just great. It’s got tons of well shot footage of skating and surfing and even some hardcore 70’s BMX stuff. They made kids a lot tougher back then. But the reason to see this is for the killer footage of Russell Howell and his Tai chi freestyle skating. And Russell Howell doing anything really. Not to be missed.

  • Mansfield 66/67

    Mansfield 66/67


    An extremely padded documentary about the supposed relationship between Jane Mansfield and Anton LaVey. It’s funny and interesting but there’s barely enough here for a full film. The great interviews and the films sense of humor keep it interesting though.

  • The Lost City of Z

    The Lost City of Z


    3 stars for the great photography by Darius Khondji. Another 1/2 star for Tom Holland‘s little mustache.

    The film is too expansive and too slow. All the actors were great and the film looked great but the story was too much. Maybe it’s because I read the book so I knew where it was going. I hoped they would’ve kept Fawcett as a theosophist instead they painted him as a fairly main stream archeologists. Oh well, still enjoyable.

  • Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond

    Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond


    I’m not a very smart man but I think the point of this film is hint that if you dig up Jim Carrey’s father’s grave you would find a signed check worth ten million dollars!

  • Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny
  • The Supernaturals

    The Supernaturals

    Nichelle Nichols takes takes her squad of soldiers and LeVar Burton on a training mission. The troops stumble across a haunted civil war burial ground and accidentally unleash boring shit. Super slow and boring without any decent gags or payoff. Probably not worth the the time it takes to view it. But you don't have to take my word for it Da doo doot!

  • Night Train to Terror

    Night Train to Terror


    A slapdash Frankenstein of an anthology film where God, Satan and a band who are perpetually playing an annoying song all ride a night train together. God and Satan debate good and evil while presenting the segments of film to each other and the audience. The segments are all re-edited versions of other exploitation horror films. The segments are all pretty lame but they all have something that I found enjoyable. The last segment edited from Cataclysm (1980) has some…

  • The Punk Rock Movie

    The Punk Rock Movie


    Don Lett’s Super8 home movies shot around 1978 at the Roxy.

    X-Ray Specks, Sex Postols, Johnny Thunders and The Heartbreakers, The Clash, the Slits and more all captured on low quality film and even lower quality audio. Just as they should be.

  • The Witchmaker

    The Witchmaker


    For the past few months murdered women have been found stripped nude, drained of blood and hung upside down from the trees of a remote Louisiana bayou. A psychic and team of researchers arrive to figure out who or what is committing the odd murders. The story is slow and boring with tedious dialogue that made me want to hit myself with a hammer but I really loved the magic, the ceremonies, the summonings and the fantastic "Hail Satan" ending. Plus Luther the Berserk!

  • Terror Train

    Terror Train


    Murder on the Retard Express

    An enjoyable slasher about a group of graduating college seniors who rent a train for a night of partying and magic with David Copperfield! Sounds dreadful right?What the unsuspecting partygoers don’t know is that tonight is the night that an old frat prank will come back to haunt them.

    The films setup is fun but it’s lazily made and ugly. Jamie Lee Curtis, Copperfield and Vanity kept me interested which is good because the plot and the other characters are pretty stupid.

  • Satan's Little Helper

    Satan's Little Helper


    A kid who might be slow meets a masked killer he believes is Satan. The kid sets up situations where the killer can do his thing until he very slowly realizes something isn’t right.

    This should work but it doesn’t. The annoying kid isn’t even the main problem with this. It’s slow, boring, looks like shit and the killer sucks. The only redeeming quality is Amanda Plummer and her Chiquita banana costume.

  • The Bees

    The Bees

    This absolutely stinks. John Saxon is a scientist trying to save the world from killer bees. Stupid and boring with a terrible plot and an even worse ending. Great if you love superimposed bullshit and stock footage of aviation test crashes.