The Graduate

The Graduate ★★★★½

Looks like I've finally found a coming-of-age classic I can relate to better than anything John Hughes directed.
Really really excellent cinematography. Cool transitions toward the middle, and I especially liked the sort of simulation of being overwhelmed by the guests in the opening scene -- the camera wasn't just there to record the plot; it was actually utilized to enhance the storytelling process.
Though I'll admit I'm not sure I'd be up for eloping with a guy who slept with my mom -- even if he loves me and my mom's a manipulative bitch -- I was satisfied with Benjamin's character arc, as well as his happy ending. And yes, I say happy because those placid faces on the bus at the end do not equal regret; this core theme of this movie is the concept of the lost young soul, constantly trying to figure out what to do next. It's not that Ben and Elaine don't love each other, they're just not sure what to do next. And given that I feel like that about 3x a day and I'm still breathing, I'm willing to bet they turn out okay.