The Forever Purge

The Forever Purge ★½

I called the immigration angle from about one hundred miles away.

I'd like to take this time rather than to review the extremely formulaic and on-the-nose political commentary of 'The Forever Purge' to instead continue my list of logical road blocks concerning the concept of a Purge night:

- If the purgers are ignoring the U.S. government and the Canadian and Mexican borders opened for asylum-seekers, wouldn't the anarchists just....also ignore the Canadian and Mexican governments' authority?

- Why do they wear masks? Especially before they revolt and extend the Purge. If it's legal, I wouldn't care about my face being seen, but I WOULD care about my lack of peripheral vision.

- Is there a ban on pedophilia? I feel like even a fucked up government wouldn't OK assaulting or murdering minors....

I'd like anybody available to please answer these queries.