Ivan's Childhood

Ivan's Childhood ★★★★

It's been a while since I logged my last film here, and I can't be happier that I'm back. Yay to me! 😆

Up until now, I was unfamiliar to the world of Tarkovsky and particularly to the films from the Soviet Union. I finally decided to start with his much acclaimed debut film. I can't really write a comprehensive review of this film because it's really hard to include all the little details that this wonderful 95 minutes include.

Needless to say, it was a beautiful war film which was harsh to the point that makes you feel disgusted at the thought of war and destruction. The highlights of Ivan's Childhood for me is the ever wonderful shots, the seemingly real War set-up, the contrast between pre-war and post-war life and of course, the twelve year old Ivan who has the darkest childhood ever to be lived on the earth. This monochromatic film looks already so impressive, I can't wait to see the whole of his filmography, with more colourful palettes and more of his original techniques.

#2 film from The Criterion Challenge 2021