Top Gun: Maverick

Top Gun: Maverick ★★★★★

In memory of Tony Scott

This movie was able to live up to the very high expectations I had. This is a very simple story but the way it’s told and how satisfying it is makes for a great watch. It felt like an old blockbuster movie from the aesthetics and credits to the music. I loved every aspect of it, the movie was paced well and every character was written well, I liked the theme of how maverick no longer fits in this modern age. It felt very meta. Glen Powell is a star. Tom cruise had a great performance too. I loved the way they handled Val Kilmer’s character. The banter between the team mates was good and they were likeable too. The story beats are similar to the first one but never forced. The emotional parts landed very well.  The third act was great specifically and by the time it ended my heart was pounding.. I don’t want to oversell it but I loved it a lot and it has something for everyone. Proper Hollywood  summer blockbuster.

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