I Saw the Devil

I Saw the Devil ★★★★

#10 on sreelal's Scavenger Hunt movie list

Film that scares me

Watching a child's smile is pleasure. Making someone smile is pleasure. Pleasure is a give and take. But, when someone goes beyond a certain line to achieve pleasure, it becomes a crime.

One of the most brutal emotion of a human being. Here, judge, jury and executioner becomes a single man. But that rage makes him corrupt.

What is just? eye for an eye? life for a life? If it is, then justice is a chain reaction that grows beyond the horizon of infinity.

I Saw The Devil is the depiction of corrupt human souls, that clashes over these elements. The society is built upon some invisible lines. Lines that we are not supposed to cross. When it does, anarchy ensues, sane becomes insane and protagonist becomes antagonist. I fear that day. Every time I watch this movie, I'll think about the aftermath of such an anarchy.

That being said, the rewatch was an insightful one. The third act was bit over-the-top considering the former parts of the movie. Still, no reduction in the ratings.....

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