Bullet Train

Bullet Train

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

So here for the “Channing Tatum is a sexual deviant Cinematic Universe”. This didn’t land with me quite like I expected it to. Mainly due to most of the action sequences being spoiled by the trailer and Michael Shannon not getting all that much to chew on. And this must get a better poster (the imax one is so sick). But I definitely had fun. Some cool cameos (Zazie hell yeah. Though the last cameo didn’t really add much) and I loved watching Bradley Pitts (and his characters refreshingly loose grasp on what being good entails). I really like how they played with and transcended the cliches of Hiroyuki Sanada’s role and unleashed him to whoop ass. Plus ATJ got to go to fucking work, Joey King dominated and Brian Tyree Henry stole the whole show. That yawn wake up made me lol. I’m always here for a new David Leitch movie 

I just wanna get off this train and see a zen garden and some shit.” 

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