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    The premise alone is enough for any Nick Cage fan to sink their teeth into. Julianne Moore's hilarious full blown obsession with Cage was what kept me watching.

    It's fun. It's fine. Nothing to shout about.

  • Nomadland



    Sparse and gently captivating, Chloé Zhao tackles this as if she's been doing this for half a century. What a compelling character and unconventional life but felt oh so familiar, I could've floated around with Frances McDormand forever.

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  • Sputnik



    For a film set in 80s Soviet Russia, it wasn't quite as shrouded in politics as one would expect, and the cold war context only manifests implicitly within the intentions of a Colonel, remaining an understated background.

    In fact, I have now brought much more attention to the cold war context than the film did. But from my experience of watching 17 bajillion cold-war set films, this really did come as a breath of fresh air to not be bombarded…

  • I'm Thinking of Ending Things

    I'm Thinking of Ending Things


    Kaufman looks to genre as an old friend, taking care to thread those velvety, somber psychological motifs into an impenetrable patchwork of dreamlike consciousness. A cerebral odyssey that asks a lot of questions whilst subverting its medium into expressive sequences of dance, poetry and musical numbers, all the while making you shiver in its cloudy unknowingness set to backdrop of a ceaseless winter storm.